Since 1997, Econoshelters has been manufacturing portable shelters for industrial, commercial, and agricultural industries. Today has become a leading competitor in Canada and recently expanded into the United States. During this period, they have outgrown their plant size twice and have recently constructed a state of the art manufacturing plant which allows for multiple projects to be completed simultaneously while keeping their high standards of quality and excellence.

contact_us_mainEconoshelters has proven that they are a top competitor in their current markets, and expanded their vision into the U.S. As proof that their company has international potential, they have already made sales into the southern part of the U.S.

The use of the Econoshelters and their competitive products has been gaining popularity as an alternative method to traditional storage methods. Recent reports show that polyethylene fabric and other plastic coverings are being used in Australia, U.S, Canada, and Turkey already. Typical Econoshelter clients are drawn to the new features/benefits that these buildings have to offer over wood or steel coverings.

Over the past fourteen years, Econoshelters have been working hard to promote this new option to storage, and as a result, they have been growing significantly. Econoshelters has been receiving extensive exposure at such events as the ?Spruce Meadows Nationals? competition and has been used to stage several high volume concerts.

Fall Arrest

The unique design of Econoshelters provides customers with the added feature of fall arrest systems. Our clear span truss allows for secure overhead harnessing for any high work site.
At Econoshelters we believe that safety is critical, and is dedicated on creating a safe work environment.

Unique Value

Our Econoshelters are uniquely designed to provide the benefit of durability, portability, and several exterior features. North Americans are welcoming the option of purchasing our buildings because of the value and flexibility not available with traditional shelters.

This new method of storage has been used in a variety of industries and private owners. The following are a few examples of uses for an Econoshelter:

  • Oil and gas field shelters
  • Concert venues
  • Trade shows and event venues
  • Transportation (Department of highways)
  • Storage of materials and goods (road salt, chemicals, building materials etc.)
  • Highway trucking storage
  • Agriculture (Barns, leisure riding areas, hay and grain storage)
  • Airplane hangars

There are a myriad of uses for Econoshelters, from airplane hangers to oil field equipment storage and hockey arenas. Each Econoshelter is manufactured in Alberta, Canada by certified technicians. The manufacturing process is under strict quality control so that each shelter sold is appreciated by our valued customer. Econoshelters and similar product types have been gaining popularity as an alternative method to traditional storage methods.


Econoshelters takes pride in providing a durable, long-lasting product and we prove that by offering the Econo-line warranty package. The Econo-line cover carries a 15 year limited (Pro-rated) warranty for each Econoshelter purchase. As well, you receive a 3 guarantee on all steel truss assemblies and components.

Each customer will be given a personal warranty certificate with their Econoshelter purchase in proof of our promise.