Throughout the past ten years, Econoshelters have been working hard to promote this new option of storage, and as a result they have been growing significantly. Econoshelters has been receiving extensive exposure at such events as the ‘Spruce Meadows Nationals’ competition and has been used to stage several high volume concerts.

Econoshelters entered the agricultural market confident that our product would be the perfect alternative to conventional mechanical shops, barns, and even riding arenas. We have been overwhelmed by satisfied customers throughout North America that have purchased an Econoshelter for their agricultural needs.

In order to provide a similar theme to your property, Econoshelters has available several choices of colour, piping, and doorways. Custom colours can be arranged to best suite your individual look and taste. After assembly our shelters will enhance the look and value of your property and create a perfect atmosphere for work and leisure activities no matter what the weather is outdoors.

The delivery system the Econoshelters provides the customers with complete delivery, building placement, and full installation. This service gives the customer peace of mind and no hassle. All buildings are installed in a timely fashion allowing customers the use of their Econoshelter shortly after the purchase date.

We are confident that all your agricultural activities will be safe, secure, and enjoyable in an Econoshelter!