Econoshelter’s offers a clear span of up to 100 feet and unlimited length, and are constructed with structural steel pipe that are designed to last! Portability and value are key factors for all clients in all applications and industries.

Oil & Gas

Econo’s canvas buildings make an excellent temporary or Permanent equipment facility.  They are great for pipeline construction and oilfield projects.  The 12-15 oz polyethylene material is tough and can outlast metal cladded buildings when in a hail storm situation.

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Econoshelter’s offers perfect alternatives to conventional mechanical shops, barns, and even riding arenas. With customized shelters your agricultural activities will be safe, secure, and enjoyable in an Econoshelter!

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Transportation, Highways & Forestry 

Whether for secure storage for the thousands of tones of salt and sand required to keep our roads and highways safer for travel to portable structures in rural and remote areas, Econoshelter’s has a great solution.

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