Econoshelters Inc, has recognized that our product is a perfect fit for the booming oil and gas service industry. We were right! The oil field sector has responded and is continuously in need of strong, reliable, commercial storage. Also, many of our clients appreciated the fact that each building is portable and has been an added bonus since most rig sites and service camps are often temporary stationed.

We supply to several sectors in the oil industry:

  • Service and Supply Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Pipeline Operators and Contractors
  • Refineries, Gas Processors and Petrochemical Companies
  • Consultants and Engineers
  • Governments and Associations
  • Environmental and Waste Management
  • Oil Rigs

Heavy equipment, machine tooling, drilling bits, down-hole pipe are just a few on site rig components that are currently being stored in an Econoshelter.

We asked our Econo customers! Several customers in the oil industry have expressed that it is common to have difficulties locating drill tooling and rig accessories since they were covered in more than four feet of snow through the winter months. This was an unacceptable situation since the buried tooling had a value of over $300,000 plus! For a fraction of that cost, our customers enjoy a dry, protected environment for all their drilling and service needs.

Storage tanks and processing plants

Econoshelters is proud to help create a safer, friendlier work environment for many storage tanks and processing plants in Northern regions of Canada. The frozen climate hinders several operations from functioning efficiently. Recently new SEG D operations have required Econoshelters to create an environment suitable to effectively process oil with this new method. Our Econoshelters provide an environment where both the equipment and employees can function at their optimum potential. Our custom design provides shelter for awkward structures such as cylinder holding tanks for this process. We are confident that our system will meet all your industrial commercial requirements! Catering Services

Portability, climate controlled, natural lighting, secure and safe are all reasons why rural camps and catering service company are paying attention to our Econoshelters. Food storage to camp supplies, our Econoshelters are providing reliable storage facilities for oil field camps throughout Canada and the U.S. Our insulated shelters provide a climate controlled environment for food and supply storage.

Our professional installation teams will ensure that your Econoshelter will exceed all your catering and camp needs.