An Econoshelter is a storage shelter with a reinforced steel truss system. The cover is comprised of newly developed polyethylene tarp. This is an extremely durable cover that has been scientifically tested in the most extreme weather conditions possible. This cover provides a comfortable work or leisure atmosphere due to the natural sunlight that is filtered throughout the building. The cover is available in a variety of colors to suite your specific needs, and the frame can be engineered to fit into almost any desired location. Each Econoshelter can be customized for all your needs. As well, each building is designed as a portable structure allowing it to move as you do, however permanent foundations are available.


When constructing each Econoshelter, we take pride in providing a safe working environment. Each assembled truss is lifted by certified operators and secured with care.


Step 1: Foundation

Econoshelter’s are engineered with epoxy coated steel with a 55,000 Lb. tensile strength which will ensure that your Econoshelter is safe and durable. Also, our galvanized steel is resistant to rust or corrosion even when exposed to extreme conditions. The foundations of each Econoshelter are constructed of 4′ steel anchors that are driven 8′ below ground to provide ample support for your building. The picture below shows the foundation for a 64′ x 100′ in Bella Coolla British Columbia.

Step 2: Assembly of Econoshelter’s pre-fabricated steel trusses

At this time, the Econo trussed are assembled on site using high grade fasteners and harnesses. Assembly of each Econoshelter can be completed in short order due to our truss design. Large buildings are assembled in less than 1 week. Each truss is constructed of structural epoxy coated steel to provide a strong, durable frame that will withstand even the most extreme climates. Our Econo system has been designed so that our buildings can be transported to almost any rural area and assembled on site.


Step 3: Raise truss system

Our unique truss system allows for maximum overhead clearance and optimum availability of the allowed square footage. With our design, there is no need for inner weight bearing columns. Our trusses are clear span and are designed to bear the weight of the outer anchors. Each truss is supported by the next using high grade structural supports, which provides a rigid structure and no interference from the space inside the building.

Step 4: Secure trusses

We unified the trusses by our unique perlon fastening system. This is an engineered process which is supported by epoxy coated steel and our innovative interlocking technique (See engineering specifications).


Step 5: Tarp assembly

Our Econo cover system is created from extremely durable high grade polypropylene. Our Econo covers are guaranteed and have been scientifically tested in the most extreme climates Mother Nature offers and continues to prove unfailing. From extreme heat to arctic cold, our covers will provide a controlled and comfortable atmosphere for purposes extending from agricultural riding arenas to industrial shelters. As well, the Econo cover allows natural light to filter through that illuminates the entire shelter. The natural light eliminates the need for artificial light during the day resulting in decreased lighting costs.


Step 6: Completed

The completed Econoshelter’s features a warm naturally lit atmosphere and compliments the scenic view of the northwest British Columbia (Canada) Horse Ranch. The clear span truss system provides the ideal area for the future riding arena. The new proud owners of our signature Econoshelter now ride safely in a warm comfortable environment.