At Econoshelters we take pride in providing storage for the booming transportation industry in Alberta and western Canada. We work closely with the city of Calgary and rural communities in effort to supply secure storage for the thousands of tones of salt and sand required to keep our roads and highways safer for travel.


Our Econo line is the perfect structure for this application due to the large clear span design allowing for maximum storage and zero interfering barriers. For added protection against water leaks, concrete pony walls are available. The concrete foundation creates further stability to the structure as well as allows for heavy machinery to maneuver safely along the sides of the storage space.


Western Canada is the heart of forestry market for North America and beyond. Econoshelters is has recognized the need for portable structures in rural areas throughout this region. Our buildings are providing secure shelter for selective logging projects to lumber yards. The changing climates in western Canada cause damage to the valuable harvest of lumber and lumber products. Our Econoshelters provide secure shelter for these lumber products in any changing climate.

The valuable climate control our Econoshelters create will assist the curing and drying stages necessary for final processing of the lumber products.

Contact us to find out how we can help your forestry projects, please call toll free 1-888-98-ECONO (1-888-983-2666).